Recyclate sale (regrind or agglomerate)

We process plastic waste to high-quality secondary raw material that almost reaches the quality of virgin material and can be used for the production of new products

Clean and single-polymer plastic waste is the basis for high quality recyclates which can almost reach the product characteristics of virgin material. By closing the recycling circle natural resources and energy are saved.
Our most important polymer is PVC. We produce a diverse range of rigid and soft PVC recyclates, yearly several thousand tons of mixed-colour, single-colour and white/ transparent secondary raw material. HDPE and PP are coming next in terms of quantity of recycling material followed by engineering grade polymers as ABS, PC and PA and several others.

Depending on the type of waste we produce regrind or agglomerate with our recycling machines. Agglomerate is mainly produced from sheet, non-woven material, shavings and powder whereas regrind is produced from solid waste and thick layer sheets. We produce extrusion- as well as injection moulding qualities.

Every sold Big Bag is tested on purity and humidity. This way we ensure that there is no contamination as a polymer mix, metal or paper in the recyclate and that the residual humidity is low. We also pay attention to a careful dedusting and cooling down of the recyclate to avoid agglutination and receive a free flowing product.

High quality recyclate for the use as secondary raw material

Our supplier network is characterized by long partnerhips so that we stand for a constant delivery of high quality recyclate.


We deliver recyclate in constantly high quality and high continuity. We rely on long-term partnerhips.

Kunststoffrecyclat zum Einsatz als Sekundärrohstoff

Customer oriented

For our customers we explicitely look for needed waste material that we process to recyclate. We also recycle plastic waste as a contract work for the application of the recycling material in the same product field.


We are always testing new types of plastic waste and find applications for the recycling material. We produce our recyclate as energy efficient as possible.

  • About 10.000 tons/

    of high-quality recyclate yearly

  • Incoming and outgoing goods inspection/

    for a constantly high quality

    WARENEINGANGS- UND –AUSGANGSKONTROLLE / für gleichbleibend hohe Qualität
  • Dedusted and free flowing recyclate/

    for diverse applications

  • Provision of test material/

    for processing and quality tests

    BEREITSTELLUNG VON MUSTERN / für Verarbeitungs- und Qualitätstests

Contract processing of plastic waste for the waste originator

We can provide the service of contract recycling for plastic processing companies – grinding or agglomeration

For plastic processing companies running own recycling lines often is not profitable but the recyclate can still be used as secondary raw material. In this case we can recycle the plastic waste as a contract work and provide the recyclate filled in big bags.

We can also take responsibility for all logistics from providing the right containers (e.g. pallet cages) to the collection of the waste material and the supply of the ready to use recyclate. We can process many different types of plastic waste from solid tubes and lumps to sheets, plates, foam, powder and shavings.

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