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Sobernheimer Rohstoff-Kontor GmbH
Industriepark Pferdsfeld, Gebäude 234
55566 Bad Sobernheim

Phone: +49 (0) 67 56 / 8 92 03 – 0



If your navigation system does not find our company you can proceed as follows:

  • As your destination city/ village type in „Entenpfuhl“.
  • Reaching Entenpfuhl coming from northwest follow the L230 until the road crosses the L229. Turn left here to follow the L229 and directly turn left again after 20m and follow the sign to „Industriepark Pferdsfeld“.
  • Coming from southeast following the L229 turn right 20 m before you reach the L230 and follow the sign to „Industriepark Pferdsfeld“.
  • Follow the road and take the 4th junction to the right (you can see the company already). Then take the second junction left.

You also find our company with help of google maps which you can also use as a navigation system.

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