Recycling of thermoplastic production waste

We process production waste to high-quality recyclates – regrind or agglomerate

Since 1998 we recycle thermoplastic production waste in our recycling plant and today produce many thousand tons of high-quality recyclate. We have the ability to process almost any kind of clean, single-polymer and thermoplastic production waste from massive bars, pipes and lumps to plates, sheets, shavings and powder.

We have built up deep insights into different recycling processes of most of the common polymers. With 30.000 sqm and 3 large production buildings our site provides excellent conditions for a storage of waste and product as well as a professional processing of the material. We also provide the service of contract recycling for plastic processing companies to use the scrap material for new products.

  • Plastic waste recycling/

    at over 30.000 sqm in three large production buldings

    AUFBEREITUNG VON KUNSTSTOFFABFÄLLEN / auf 30.000 Quadratmetern in 3 großen Hallen
  • Motivated employees/

    daily process diverse waste material

    MOTIVIERTE MITARBEITER / verarbeiten täglich verschiedenste Abfallfraktionen
  • High technical standards/

    for a constantly high recyclate quality

    HOHE TECHNISCHE ANSPRÜCHE / für optimale Recyclat-Qualität
  • High continuity/

    for long-term partnerships

    HOHE LIEFERTREUE / für langfristige Partnerschaften

Environment-friendly recycling of plastic waste

We use environment-friendly and resource-saving recycling processes in our recycling facility

From 1998 on we have committed our company to a sustainable recycling of plastic waste. Since then we continuously try to recycle diverse types of plastic waste and find suitable applications by increasing our polymer and process knowledge. Qualified employees conduct the recycling process in knowledge of legal requirements and efficient processes.

As a family business we have a strong interest in a careful use of our natural resources, especially as the recycling rates concerning plastic waste in Germany have by far not reached the target in comparison to other types of waste. Following debates about the finite nature of our resources and the careful treatment of our environment, we feel responsible to develop new and innovative recycling processes together with our partners in the plastic processing industry. In total almost 40.000 tons of CO2 are saved yearly thanks to our energy efficient recycling processes and the use of our recyclates as a surrogate for virgin material.

Timeline Sobernheimer Rohstoff-Kontor

Milesstones from 1997 scince today

  • 1997


    Company foundation on the former military airport Pferdsfeld

  • 1998

    Production start

    Start of plastic recycling with one grinding machine.


  • 2002


    Purchase of the company property of 22.000 sqm.

  • 2006

    Extension of machinery

    Purchase of the first shredder.


  • 2010


    Start of the agglomeration process

  • 2017


    Expansion of the company property to 30.000 sqm.


  • 2018

    Increase of capacity

    Purchase of a second shredder.

  • 2018


    Entry of Moritz Kroenig into the family business for a long-term continuation.


Certificates and qualification

We always act within legislative regulation and under consideration of latest insights of the sector associations

Zertifikat Vinyl

Recovinyl Plus membership for the registration of all recycelt PVC waste.

Zertifikat Agpu

AGPU premium-membership – consortium PVC and environment (Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt).

Zertifikat HKI

Membership in the association of the wood and plastic processing industry (Holz- und Kunststoffverarbeitenden Industrie e.V.).

Zertifikat Reach

For all our products we prepare safety data sheets which are updated regularly in cooperation with an external REACH consultant.

Our plant is authorized according to the state emission legislation and we have an extensive list of waste that we are allowed to process.

We are part of the new and innovative plastic recycling platform cirplus test group. Our recyclates will soon be available on this platform.

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