Plastic recycling of thermoplastic production waste

We process production waste to high-quality recyclates – regrind or agglomerate

Since 1998 we recycle thermoplastic production waste in our recycling plant and today produce many thousand tons of high-quality recyclate. We have the ability to process almost any kind of clean, single-polymer and thermoplastic production waste from massive bars, pipes and lumps to plates, sheets, shavings and powder. We have built up deep insights into different recycling processes of most of the common polymers.

With 30.000 sqm and 3 large production buildings our site provides excellent conditions for a storage of waste and product as well as a professional processing of the material. We also provide the service of contract recycling for plastic processing companies to use the scrap material for new products.

We buy your plastic waste

and produce high quality recyclate

Rohstoffannahme durch die SRK

Purchase of plastic waste:

Our recylcing machinery can process multiple types of thermoplastic polymers in diverse forms. Important is that the waste is clean, contains one polymer only and is thermoplastic.

Verarbeitung durch die SRK

Waste processing:

Since the foundation in 1997 we have developed a deep process knowledge for many types of plastic waste, to produce non-cloggy, free-flowing and dry regrind and agglomerate.

Verkauf & Lohnarbeit bei SRK

Sales & Contract work:

We can provide the service of contract recycling for plastic processing companies – grinding or agglomeration.

Purchase of plastic waste – service offer

We offer a full service from the provision of suitable containers to transport logistics


    For more than 20 years we have been a reliable partner for more than 70 companies of the plastic processing industry and their plastic waste treatment.


    We can process and sell almost all polymers of the commodity plastics as well as many engineering grade plastics in all forms from solid bars and lumps to sheets, plates, foam, shavings and powder.


    We support companies in their specific plastic waste issue from the choice of a suitable container, the processing of the plastic waste as a contract work and even for difficult fractions we try to find a solution.

  • FAIR

    We pay for your plastic waste at standard market return directly after incoming goods inspection and correct weighting.


    We recycle your plastic waste and bring it to a second application as recycling material. Our suppliers can rely on us in the way that we will never bring their waste to other countries unless we have made product of it. We will also process the waste as energy-efficient as possible.

Certificates and qualification

We always act within legislative regulation and under consideration of latest insights of the sector associations.

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